Sunday, October 20, 2013

In a Book, in a Box High Up on a Shelf

I came across this video about women in CS yesterday that I thought worth sharing, which is not something I often feel about discussions of women in CS:

What I like most about the video is that it highlights (explicitly and implicitly) the need for more diversity in computer science, not just more women. I also feel it does a good job of addressing that tendency girls in CS/engineering have (and some guys, too) to constantly compare themselves to their peers instead of looking at their own skills, with the result that they start fearing they "shouldn't be here". I know that it can be hard to break someone out of that, and I'm glad the video acknowledges it and tries to inspire women out of that mode of thinking. Anyway, it's a good video and only ten minutes, so go watch it.

I've been getting in to Parks and Recreation via the "watch a bunch of YouTube clips until you know the characters really well" method, so I'm at that stage where I'm into the show but haven't seen any full episodes yet. I just came across this clip (from the current season's premiere) which is basically the embodiment of my ideal wedding, so I had to post it. "The reception will be held in each of our individual houses, alone," are among the sweetest words I've ever heard.


  1. Parks and Rec is excellent, you must watch it!! Well, most of it is. The first season is probably the worst, but it gets *much* better afterwards, and it's only 8 episodes long, so it's easy to get through. Also, didn't realize you were so Swanson-like :P

    1. Lol, I just share his repulsion to people, but sadly not any of his other talents. x)